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A generic transformer model.

class Transformer(id: Id, bus1: Bus, bus2: Bus, *, parameters: TransformerParameters, tap: float = 1.0, phases1: str | None = None, phases2: str | None = None, geometry: shapely.geometry.base.BaseGeometry | None = None)#

Bases: roseau.load_flow.models.branches.AbstractBranch

A generic transformer model.

The model parameters are defined using the parameters argument.

Transformer constructor.

  • id – A unique ID of the transformer in the network branches.

  • bus1 – Bus to connect the first extremity of the transformer.

  • bus2 – Bus to connect the first extremity of the transformer.

  • tap – The tap of the transformer, for example 1.02.

  • parameters – Parameters defining the electrical model of the transformer. This is an instance of the TransformerParameters class and can be used by multiple transformers.

  • phases1 – The phases of the first extremity of the transformer. A string like "abc" or "abcn" etc. The order of the phases is important. For a full list of supported phases, see the class attribute allowed_phases. All phases must be present in the connected bus. By default determined from the transformer type.

  • phases2 – The phases of the second extremity of the transformer. See phases1.

  • geometry – The geometry of the transformer.

property tap: float#

The tap of the transformer, for example 1.02.

property parameters: TransformerParameters#

The parameters of the transformer.

property max_power: Q_[float] | None#

The maximum power loading of the transformer (in VA).

property res_violated: bool | None#

Whether the transformer power exceeds the maximum power (loading > 100%).

Returns None if the maximum power is not set.

allowed_phases: Final#

The allowed phases for a transformer are:

  • P-P-P or P-P-P-N: "abc", "abcn" (three-phase transformer)

  • P-P or P-N: "ab", "bc", "ca", "an", "bn", "cn" (single-phase transformer or primary of center-tapped transformer)

  • P-P-N: "abn", "bcn", "can" (secondary of center-tapped transformer)